Bowtech Compound Bow Pro40

Location: Springdale SKU #: 1120423566


Silent To Draw 
This bow is dead silent to draw. That is a mega plus for this bowhunter. I've shot bows that were pretty quiet, but. there has always been some detectable, even if faint, noise. But not this bow, it is completely silent to draw. 

The bow comes with star looking noise dampener things on the bowstring and cables and I notice dampeners on the limbs also. Apparently these gizmos suck up noise as the bow is drawn. 

Quiet To Shoot 
This is the quietest bow I have ever shot. Nice!

Powerful: It Hits them like a ton of bricks. 
I've shot a big black bear, several adult wild hogs, a gobbler and a deer with this bow. It hit them hard and put them down quick. 

Arrow Trajectory. 
Normally I can hit accurately from 5 out to 20 yards with my top pin. On this bow I'm in the game at 27 yards. Again, nice!

The arrows fly consistently accurate.   
Silent to draw. The quietest bow I've ever shot. Accurate, arrow after arrow. A great hunting bow. 



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